Come on!

I have sad news. There won’t be an episode next week. Come on!

I’ll be out of town with my family and not back in time to do our recording, so we’re postponing a week. To make up for it, we all guarantee that we will talk TWICE AS MUCH when we finally do record next.

You’re welcome.

No More Recurring Elements

Well, sometimes you find a resource that puts your own efforts to shame. In this case, it’s a little site called the Arrested Development Wikia site. We were trying to maintain a list of recurring elements as a sort of database for our episodes. Well, Wikia did it better; and there are more of them.

Therefore, I’m announcing that we are deprecating recurring elements in favor of linking to the Wikia page for the episode we’re discussing. I’ve also added the link to the Wiki homepage to our sidebar and removed the Recurring Elements page.

Deal with it.