Quotes for Episode 010

Can I just say, I kinda hope the White Chocolate character gets cancer?

– Bryce “Burnin’ Chaps” Rausch

And Spanish, French, and Italian are all so- I mean, they’re basically all… kinda built off of, you know, the same… foundation as far as- yeah, as far as how they- how words are… gah, translated… I’m struggling…

– Mike “Burnin’ Chaps” Billeter

A couple sort of high-profile disasters have taken me out of the cooking game for a while.

– Miles “Room Temperature Chaps” Rausch

Quotes for Episode 009

Also, I disagree with myself from before and agree with you guys.

– Mike “Missoura” Billeter

Finally, I asked him. I go, “How old are you?” He’s like, “I’m twelve. How old are you?” I go, “Same…”

– Bryce “Bro-hio” Rausch

So, I wrote up the six second synopsis, meaning I stole it, deliberately, from the Wikia that does Arrested Development.

– Miles Rausch