Quotes from Episode 014

Fine, I’ll turn it up. AND I hope Dan beats up Mike when he passes through Washington D.C. on his trip.

– Bryce “Present” Billeter

Wow, that was hurtfully aggressive.

– Mike “Also Present” Billeter

It’s getting more aggressive in here than a prison rugby team.

– Miles “Always Present” Rausch

Call Me, Maeby?

Although I don’t really know the song “Call Me Maybe” (actually hadn’t heard it until I saw this image and figured I should listen to it), my friend Hayden sent me a link on Twitter to a funny, Arrested Development-ized play on the song’s lyrics:

Anyway, I just figured I’d share that bad boy. Of course, if you’re into pop music and know the song, that image will probably be funnier.

Quotes from Episode 013

I’m laughing a little bit because, for the viewers- and by viewers I obviously mean “listeners”, those viewing with your ears, I accidentally watched the wrong episode this week.

– Mike “Broken Transformer” Billeter

The grilling, you know, went off pretty much without a hitch. Although, my wife did discover the chicken was a little undercooked, so we did put it in the oven after grilling it. But, besides that, it went successfully.

– Miles “Wacky Older Brother” Rausch