Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang

Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang styled itself as “America’s Magazine of Wit, Humor, and Filosophy.”Published and edited by Captain Billy Fawcett, a veteran of World War I and the Spanish-American War, the digest-sized magazine features lots of jokes, poems, and Captain Billy’s own commentary on the world and his travels therein.

Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang.

‘Nuff said. Actually, you should listen to Episode 017 first.

Quotes for Episode 017

Frankly, I’m not a Francophile.

– Stacie “Stays the Quick Wit” Wick

Like, hashtag #amirite?

– Bryce “Burnin’ Chaps” Rausch

It’s the Bluth Company theme park, which has strong Banana-grabber overtones but also some under current of Cornball.

– Miles “Who Knows” Rausch