Quotes from Episode 016

I feel like I need more “blast” in my daily intake.

– Trevor “Nicotine” Patch

Did you just say ‘commie comedy’? I hate that kind of comedy!

– Bryce “Circle Me, Bert!” Rausch

I guess ‘ittle baby Brycey-poo has some friends who came to his rescue and complained on his behalf that we’re just a little too mean.

– Miles “Irish Baker” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 015

Long time listener; first time caller.

– Dan “Dan R” Rausch

I’ll think about it. I’ll make a decision during my walk across the country and let you know.

– Mike “Yeah, Son!” Billeter

“Justified redundancy”. That almost kinda describes GOB in a lot of different ways, doesn’t it?

– Miles “Awful Funeral Stuff” Rausch

There’s Another Rainbow…

Here’s the fantastic version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” I was referring to…

Also, here’s the original from The Wizard of Oz (with subtitles, to ensure there’s no confusion)…

I can’t find a video clip of Tobias’s version, so be sure to watch the episode to see/hear it for yourself. Totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed these sick jams.

-Mike B.