Quotes from Episode 019

Alright! ‘Cause I’m sweet. And sticky…

– Trevor “Honey” Patch

I really didn’t anticipate the look on his face when we said, “So, how much gas leaking is okay?”

– Bryce “BBBEEEAAADDDSSS???” Rausch

If you don’t take a sip, you can’t take a dip!

– Miles “Beads.” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 018

She’s actually really Slovenian. She’s got a little bit of an accent still, and everything. She doesn’t actually drink tea. I don’t know why I said that.

– Andrew “AK 48” Kuhar

I’m calling her out right now. I called out my mom last week, and now I’m calling out my wife: quit ruining my life.

Call in!

-Bryce “Bro-dizzle” Rausch

We get a really over-the-top look at the strong possibility that Oscar is actually Buster’s father, given that they both try to rub each other’s shoulders at the same time, “Human Centipede”-style, and aren’t able to.

– Miles “Human Centipede Style” Rausch