Arrested Development Season 4 Will Feature Guest Stars Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig –

Comedy veterans Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen are among the bold-faced names that will join series as guest stars, the online streaming site tells Us, though they cannot confirm what parts the pair will play in the show.

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It was further reported that Kristen Wiig will likely play a young Lucille Bluth via Exclusive: Here’s Who Kristen Wiig Will Be Playing on Arrested Development – Vulture

A New Type of Wig Set To Make An AD Appearance

No, I’m not talking about Annyong’s stolen Uncle Sam wig. It looks like the often-funny Kristen Wiig will show up on the new season of Arrested Development.  According to this story on

Former Saturday Night Live superstar Kristen Wiig is set to make an appearance in Netflix’s anticipated Arrested Development revival as a younger version of Jessica Walter’s boozy matriarch Lucille Bluth.

The article also lists a number of actors and celebrities set to guest star in the new season, including Conan O’Brien, Seth Rogan, and others.

Thoughts on Ms. Wiig’s addition to the show? She’s usually hilarious, and she definitely seems like a perfect fit for young Lucille, both in demeanor and appearance. My question is, will this just be a quick glimpse of young Lucille, or will we get to see a deeper look at one of the few AD characters whose past we haven’t seen much of so far? Feel free to discuss.

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Then we started implementing this harassment policy which actually was 100% because of me.

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