Hey Internet, and welcome to “Man, I Love This Show!” The show is hosted and produced by Miles Rausch (@awayken), Bryce Rausch (@brycerausch) and Mike Billeter (@mikebilleter), and we’re welcoming you to the only Internet radio show dedicated to talking about my favorite shows. There are many imitators; there is only one MILTS.

Our theme song is “Real vs Imaginary” by Amos Slade: http://amosslade.com/. The show is produced using a MacBook Pro, Skype, Garageband, Evernote, Google Docs, WordPress, and others.

Season one explores Arrested Development.

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Hosted by Miles Rausch, Bryce Rausch, and Mike Billeter, #MILTShow is the only netcast dedicated to talking about our favorite TV shows.