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I write stuff, I watch Arrested Development, and I'm a pretty big comic book nerd (though you wouldn't know it from my always cool and suave demeanor). I've been watching Arrested Development since the summer of 2005, when my friend Jake Ness made me sit and watch all 22 episodes of Season 1 in one night. Since then it has become one of my truest loves and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys laughter, humor, or brilliance.

New Arrested Development promotional posters

Mike here with a quick update on some new promotional posters that recently showed up on the Arrested Development Facebook page.

The Tobias and George Michael posters might be my two favorite, but they’re all pretty good for the most part.

Oh, Tobias… you blowhard…

For some reason the George Michael one won’t post, but you can just click the poster above to look through all of them and enjoy. May 26th should be a glorious day.

Stay true, y’all.


A New Type of Wig Set To Make An AD Appearance

No, I’m not talking about Annyong’s stolen Uncle Sam wig. It looks like the often-funny Kristen Wiig will show up on the new season of Arrested Development.  According to this story on

Former Saturday Night Live superstar Kristen Wiig is set to make an appearance in Netflix’s anticipated Arrested Development revival as a younger version of Jessica Walter’s boozy matriarch Lucille Bluth.

The article also lists a number of actors and celebrities set to guest star in the new season, including Conan O’Brien, Seth Rogan, and others.

Thoughts on Ms. Wiig’s addition to the show? She’s usually hilarious, and she definitely seems like a perfect fit for young Lucille, both in demeanor and appearance. My question is, will this just be a quick glimpse of young Lucille, or will we get to see a deeper look at one of the few AD characters whose past we haven’t seen much of so far? Feel free to discuss.

-Mike “Your Favorite Co-Host of Man, I Love This Show” Billeter

There’s Another Rainbow…

Here’s the fantastic version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” I was referring to…

Also, here’s the original from The Wizard of Oz (with subtitles, to ensure there’s no confusion)…

I can’t find a video clip of Tobias’s version, so be sure to watch the episode to see/hear it for yourself. Totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed these sick jams.

-Mike B.

Call Me, Maeby?

Although I don’t really know the song “Call Me Maybe” (actually hadn’t heard it until I saw this image and figured I should listen to it), my friend Hayden sent me a link on Twitter to a funny, Arrested Development-ized play on the song’s lyrics:

Anyway, I just figured I’d share that bad boy. Of course, if you’re into pop music and know the song, that image will probably be funnier.

Awesome/Creepy Arrested Development Fan Art

I found this awesome-but-creepy Arrested Development fan art thanks to the Internet. I particularly love Buster’s demonstration of his Milford Academy education (you can always tell a Milford man) and Lucille 2’s vertigo getting the best of her.

There are a few other shows that are featured in the full post, which you can check out here. Being the biased AD fan that I am, I think the Arrested art is the best, but I’ll let you, our millions of listeners, decide.