Episode 003: Arrested Development: Bringing Up Buster

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
    1. Mike saw Frequency and Michael Cera plays an entirely different type of character in that than he does in Arrested (or any movies since Frequency).
  3. What it means for your weekend
    1. http://www.playboy.com/magazine/20q-david-cross
  4. Sixty-Second Synopsis (Bryce):
    1. The days of $80,000 cartography lessons are in the past with the Bluth Company under investigation, which means Buster is spending every obnoxious moment with his mother, Lucille, who he finds awesome, and in return she wants Michael to include him on laughing, bike riding, and cornholing. Buster spends the day figuratively flying high as he starts becoming the man he’s never been, but he flies a little too close to the sun and retreats back to being his normal man-boy. GOB flies in the opposite direction as Buster as he’s kicked out of Marta’s house and moves in with his mother, but quickly grows uneasy with the arrangement when she asks him to zip up her dress, a service Buster’s done all his life, but an act that proves too much for GOB as he makes immediate plans to move out.
    2. Meanwhile, Maeybe’s crush on Steve Holt, the third year senior who at one time was the schools quarterback, but likely has exhausted his years of eligibility, has lead her to try out for the school’s play “Much ado about nothing” because of the promise of kissing Mr. Holt on stage. Maeby unknowingly set off a chain reaction of jealousy, beginning with her cousin George Michael, who pulls away from his father in an effort to get closer to Maeby and lands the part as Steve Holt’s stand-in, so he can kiss his cousin during stage rehearsals, and most pathetically Maeby’s father, Tobias, the doctor turned thesbian and likely male lesbian, who marches right to the principal of the school and pitched his way to directour of the play.  Tobias turns the play upside down trying to play matchmaker with George Michael and Steve Holt, which then leads to character reversals and in the end Maeybe gets her kiss with Steve Holt, but even Steve Holt’s enthusiasm for himself couldn’t distract Maebe from the fact that Steve Holt was wearing her mothers dress.
  5. Favorite moments & Least Favorite moments
    1. Bryce:
      1. Tobias: “Am I touching something?…hot hot…”
      2. GOB: If I can’t find a horny immigrant by then I don’t deserve to stay here (Lucille and GOB laughs)
    2. Mike:
      1. All of the moments where people are talking about Buster as if he’s not in the room and then the camera pans out to show he’s sitting right there. Also happens with the entire Bluth Company at the very end.
      2. Lucille: “Here’s a candy bar. No, I’m withholding it. Look at me, getting off.”
      3. Tobias: “I didn’t get in this business to please sophomore Tracy Schwarzman. Onward and upward. Onw…”
    3. Miles:
      1. GOB left hanging in the kitchen.
      2. Lucille shuts piano on GOB’s hands.
      3. Because [ long bleep ] BUSTER [ long bleep ] YOU OLD HORNY SLUT. Everyone looks so horrified.
      4. “You were flying today, Buddy.” “Yes, I was flying. But a little too close to the sun.”
  6. New moments
    1. Mike:
      1. Right after Maebe and Steve kiss, they show two members of the production crew sitting side-by-side in the theater seats wearing headsets – as if those would be necessary for a terrible high school play dress rehearsal.
      2. The fact that George Senior is doing a Cornballer commercial with Richard Simmons, who is undoubtedly a person he would absolutely HATE in real life.
      3. GOB: “What with you kicking me out of your house, there are few places left that you have that I can stay.”
    2. Bryce: Spanish Translation- “I am crazy for the cornballs” (It’s actually just “the cornballs” Bryce. Dumb idiot who doesn’t know Spanish.)
    3. Miles: GOB reading _Turn of the Century French Erotics_. “Hi, Mama,” when Lindsie wants something.
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  8. Ratings
  1. Bryce: Steve Holt!
  2. Mike: As Ann as the nose on Plain’s face.
  3. Miles: Banner Love Episode
  1. Fun question: What is your culinary guilty pleasure?
    1. Mike: Wonka Candies
    2. Bryce: Velveeta Cheese Dip
    3. Miles: Mountain Dew
  2. Next episode: 104: Key Decisions
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The transcript I mentioned in the podcast: http://the-op.com/transcript/103.

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