Episode 006 – Arrested Development: In God We Trust

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
  3. News and Feedback
    1. Dan R, e-mail: In the first episode you were talking about the awkward conversation between Michael and Buster, and then analyzed why their relationship was so awkward. None of you brought up the fact that Buster was a “professional” grad student, and was off at school rather than home with Lucille.
  4. Six-Second Synopsis (Bryce):
    1. Barry the family lawyer gets George out of prison for a pageant re-creating The Creation of Adam. Michael tries to fire Barry cause he sucks. Lucille tries to breakup Lindsay and Michael working as a team. Tobias reveals he’s a nevernude. George tries to escape, but Michael shares that Lucille is on a date with Wayne Jarvis, a better lawyer, which makes George jealous and ultimately gets him arrested. GOB is suspicious of Michael wanted Marta. George Michael takes roll of Adam in pageant in place of Buster but wears nevernude shorts so his fake weiner isn’t hanging out for everyone to see.
  5. Moments
    1. Bryce:
      1. If you want to play Eve you gotta get in line with about 5 homos.  I apologize I shouldn’t have said that…I just have one at the office and IT’S EVERYDAY
        1. Then, we meet the homo at the office who says “it’ll be a long time before he uses the word Homo again”.  Later “You can leave her a message”
      2. Pushups with George Michael. Trying to look more tough, has a random football near him and struggling with pushups as Maebe walks in, he says “100” and she calls him out that she thought he was at “10” and he awkwardly explains it’s a running total throughout the day.  Then, Maebe asks if he ever feels people don’t even notice him and he says he has an awesome body so no.
      3. Tobias-corndog.  A hotdog that is a never-nude.
    2. Mike (probably too many, but I’ll see where it goes):
      1. Lindsey offers to help with the dishes and then just tells Luz there are some salad plates on the piano.
      2. I shall duck behind the couch. Also, “I’ve used one adjective to describe myself, what is it?” Also, “I shall duck behind that little garbage car.”
      3. “There are dozens of us! Dozens!”
      4. “Dad, are you going, too?!”
      5. Barry’s bus sign – “He’s very good.” – www.BarryGood.biz
    3. Miles:
      1. “His words”
      2. “Te quiero!” “English, please” “I love you.” “Great. Now I’m late.”
      3. “Packing up. Packing it on up.”
      4. Lucille is VERY GOOD.
      5. “South America way”
      6. Barry pockets a roll from the Bluth during the first meeting.
      7. Music cue: “Ain’t no big thing, wow.”
      8. No “Next time”
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  7. Ratings
  1. Bryce: Banner Love Episode
  2. Mike: Steve Holt!
  3. Miles: Steve Holt!
  1. Fun question: Have you ever run from the law?
    1. Miles: Actually, yes. Freshman year.
    2. Mike: Twice, specifically. Once in one of my earliest college parties. The WORST was when I fell off the yard directly onto a concrete driveway.
    3. Bryce: Lac Qui Parle Lake
  2. Next episode: 109: Storming the Castle
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2 thoughts on “Episode 006 – Arrested Development: In God We Trust”

  1. I was a little concerned that you weren’t going to make any reference to Wayne Jarvis, as he is one of my favorite side characters on the show. I’m glad you talked about him a little bit toward the end. It inspired me to watch the episode again.

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