Episode 014 – Arrested Development: Justice Is Blind

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
  3. News and Feedback
    1. We have a Guest Host! Dan R will join us for MILTShow 015.
  4. Six-Second Synopsis: G.O.B. steals a file on the government’s case against the Bluth Company that Maggie had given to Michael. Tobias is sent to Maggie’s house to get evidence, George Michael tries to prove Maeby’s fraud, and Lindsay fights to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse lawn.
  5. Moments
    1. Bryce:
      1. Michael weighing opening the case files against the Bluths at one point literally looks like he’s weighing it, as if the heavier it is the more evidence they have against the Bluths
      2. Who in PG-13’ish tv shows always finish having sex with their clothes on?
      3. GOB to Tobias: Feeling like you haven’t been doing enough around here, “It’s going to be Shape up or Ship Up”
      4. Love the whole scene with Tobias in Lizer’s house.
    2. Mike:
      1. First episode (that I can think of) which has to heavily use recaps
      2. “I don’t wear everything I like every day!” (All of their fights in general are so frantic and heated over such meaningless things.)
      3. The “remove the 10 Commandments” flyer said, “Join us…in keeping church and state separate.”
      4. I love that the name of the bar is “Deliberations.”
        1. Whatever, Bryce preemptively stole that one from me. It was a preemptive strike; justifiable, though not necessarily ethical
    3. Miles:
      1. Maggie’s not blind
        1. “Second most unethical thing I’ve ever done” – reference to faking being blind to be a (better) lawyer
        2. Now that we know Maggie’s not blind, all of her face touching is that much funnier. Like scrunching Michael’s face.
        3. Maggie has a cornballer
      2. Bar’s name is “Deliberations”: Long and careful consideration or discussion.
      3. Cat metaphors
        1. Tobias wearing some sort of fur vest??
      4. I love the horrible “re-enactment” of GOB switching files, especially the part where Lindsay has to stand still as GOB leans back, and then rough cut to the actual scene.
      5. DA’s face chart includes Lucille 2 and Carl Weathers. Also seem to have Surely Funke, Marta (crossed out), and an unpictured person at the bottom.  Tobias’ headshot is largest.
        1. Unpictured?
          1. Nellie Bluth (Holli)
          2. Oscar
          3. Michael’s Wife
      6. “After all, they say ‘justice is blind’, but surely she has enough sight to catch the truth before it hits her in the face.”
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  7. Ratings
  1. Bryce: Banner Love Episode
  2. Mike: Soy Loco Por Los Cornballs
  3. Miles: Banner Love Episode
  1. Fun question: Cat stories?
    1. Mike: My wife feeding a stray cat which turned our porch into a possum den.
    2. Bryce: bitty pushed out of a window
    3. Miles: Throwing a cat during The Bryce Rausch Show
  2. Next episode: Missing Kitty
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One thought on “Episode 014 – Arrested Development: Justice Is Blind”

  1. Favorite part: “Dial that up son… No I don’t ever end sentences with son… I’ve heard you say son before… Nah playa’ you trippin’… ” (12:45)

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