Episode 017 – Arrested Development: Whistler’s Mother

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
    1. Guest Host: Stacie W. @staciemakedo
  3. News and Feedback
    1. Mom listens to the show! And she left a comment.
  4. Six-Second Synopsis: Michael deals with numerous requests for some unfrozen money, and chastises Lucille for being too coddling with Buster. Also, Lindsay decides to protest the war to boost her self esteem, and Tobias and G.O.B. decide to start a coffee company.
  5. Moments
    1. Mike:
      1. MOMENTS
    2. Bryce:
      1. My jaw clicks like Busters.
      2. Tobias doesn’t want to jump into bed with Coppola, but would jump into bed with Robert Redford…and I wouldn’t just lie there
      3. Note: I hate jokes about ripping ass
      4. I liked that the teacher from Freaks and Geeks was protesting
      5. I found the scene with Lucille hugging Michael uncomfortable
      6. I seem to remember a certain young man who used to say “but I don’t have bad dreams in your bed” to laughter of the board.
    3. Miles:
      1. Oscar!
      2. GOB cannot comprehend that his wife loves Tobias.
        1. Tobias’s book: ACTING: Like a Man
      3. GOBias Industries as in “Go buy us some coffee”
        1. GOB and Tobias accidentally had Michael on the hook
      4. Rare “touching” moment with Michael and Lucille
        1. Why are you squeezing me with your body?
        2. And then she uses to buy her way onto the board
      5. Why does everyone yell out their window?
    4. Stacie:
      1. Charity work, Lindsay. “Get back to your roots.” Lindsay thinks Michael is talking about her hair roots & goes to salon.
      2. Oscar/Pop-Pop
        1. George Michael “You’re mocking me.” Toy Story + Shawshank
        2. Oscar’s Say Anything… scene with the boom box outside Lucille’s window
      3. Why does there just happen to be a pole in the center of the cage, and where does the water come from?
      4. Lucille on Buster: He’s hungry and he’s in a foreign land.
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  7. Ratings

  1. Mike:
  2. Bryce: Soy Loco Por Las Cornballs
  3. Miles: As Ann as the Nose on Plain’s Face
  4. Stacie: Soy Loco Por Las Cornballs

  1. Story about / Choose your own Adventure: What bad business investment would you come up with for the Bluth Company?
    1. Mike:
    2. Bryce: How about it’s already a bad business decision to be building new houses
    3. Miles: Bananagrabber TV series, movie.
    4. Stacie: VHS or Cassettes: Books on Tape for kids maybe?
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