Episode 018 – Arrested Development: Not Without My Daughter

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
    1. Guest Host: Andrew K., @radenska: http://www.radenska.si/
  3. News and Feedback
    1. Arrested Development art show: http://www.webpronews.com/arrested-development-getting-its-own-la-art-exhibit-2012-06
  4. Six-Second Synopsis: Michael takes Maeby to work with him on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day. After being slighted by Michael, Tobias, George Michael and G.O.B. all go to the mall to prove that they are just manly. Oscar takes Lucille and Buster to Annyong’s soccer game.
  5. Moments
    1. Mike:
      1. MOMENTS
    2. Bryce:
      1. Maeby listening to her fathers analrapist session and guesses the guy is a homosexual, cheerfully, and then Tobias agrees
      2. Goosechill! (Tobias yelling after GOB’s failure)
      3. Shoplifting, cool, can you take me…which would’ve meant Lindsay was taking her daughter to work (clever)
      4. Why did George Michael have a purse to go with his outfit?
      5. Funny how the cops’ daughters took off, too
      6. Barry: Oooo, chills, where do I keep getting these bruises? (where does he?)
    3. Miles:
      1. Great narrator moment: Buster emerged from Oscar’s trailer with a newfound sense of manliness, and then received a serendipitous gift. (Soccer ball to the face.)
      2. Cop humor
        1. LOVE Kevin McDonald’s cameo. “It’s 435. And that opens any door in the building.”
        2. “Last person to see her alive – or around town or whatever.”
      3. Bring Your Daughter to Work day is a thing?
        1. Does Tobias have narcolepsy?
        2. Where did the cops get daughters?
        3. Different black cop. This one sticks around.
      4. Lindsey is a terrible role model
        1. Lindsey would rather admit theft than employment
        2. Michael – it was shoplifting and I’m white. I think I’m gonna be okay.
      5. GOB is a terrible, terrible role model
        1. His magic actually came in handy
        2. “Hey, guy. How many mice will 13 dollars buy?”
        3. “I think I did pretty good. Pretty, darn good.”
    4. GUEST:
      1. George Michael still holds enthusiasm for Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
        1. “Weird kid.”
      2. GOB continuing to do  awkward moves with his magic  handkerchiefs/The Final Countdown
      3. Maeby bailing out of the car multiple times, Michael judging her resistance towards family time (“Ah ****–it’s my mother.”)
      4. “No, no…you were just a turd out there.”
        1. Nervous Buster is always solid.
      5. Barry Zuckercorn–one of my favorite AD characters.  His dark personal life/excuses for tardiness are hilarious, every time. The windows into his life are cloudy at best. “Ooo, chills…where do I keep getting these bruises?”
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  7. Ratings

  1. Mike:
  2. Bryce: As Ann As The Nose On Plain’s Face
  3. Miles: Steve Holt!
  4. GUEST: As Ann As The Nose On Plain’s Face

  1. Story about / Choose your own Adventure: Story about pet-store pets: small rodents, reptiles, etc.
    1. Mike:
    2. Bryce: When Tess ran away
    3. Miles: Tess, the day she died.
    4. GUEST: Coon or cat?
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