Episode 019 – Arrested Development: Let ‘Em Eat Cake

  1. Introduction
  2. How are you?
    1. Guest Host: Trevor Patch
  3. News and Feedback
  4. Six-Second Synopsis: In the first season finale, George Sr. has a heart attack, and Maeby is jealous when George Michael likes another girl. Meanwhile, Lindsay decides to leave Tobias until a book he wrote a long time ago becomes a gay bestseller, and Buster and Annyong compete over women.
  5. Moments
    1. Mike:
      1. MOMENTS
    2. Bryce:
      1. “Pretty sure I’ll be in the red, and you can take that to the bank” I’m pretty sure they’ll contact me first.
      2. Who checks out houses and tries to destroy it? slamming cabinets, trying to rip off the kitchen sink
      3. Light Treason isn’t a real thing, funnier when journalists use the term
      4. Is the Atkins Diet still a thing (I do like when the show does these pop culture things)
      5. Laugh Out Louds
        1. Bees vs beads
        2. We’ll see who brings in more honey
        3. They don’t allow you to have bees in here
        4. Oh sure, whenever the family gets in trouble, let’s have GOB F*ck our way out of it (and the disgusted faces of everyone)
        5. Old Bear…Loves honey…he never got a chance to see my bee business take off
        6. Heart attack never stopped Old Big Bear -I didn’t even know we were calling him Big Bear- We never got the chance to
    3. Miles:
      1. Bees
        1. “Beads”
          “GOB’s not on board.”
        2. Old Bear! He likes the honey!
      2. Lucille
        1. “Who’d want a bee as a gift?”
        2. “They don’t want you.”
        3. “There’s been a lot of lying in this family.”
          “And a lot love.”
          “More lies.”
      3. Ann!
      4. He’s Barry bad
        1. Did you sneak a sedative from the infirmary
        2. “Wait, are you guilty? Yes or no?”
        3. “Laker tickets”
      5. GOB’s count-up
      6. New Mo Mo: After beads/bees convo, George Michael walks over with toolbox, walks around the stairs, and reinstalls the railing.
      7. Literal Doctor: We lost him.
    4. GUEST:
      1. “Bees? Beads?!” – GOB
      2. Barry kisses Michael, “You know what, don’t get to close to me, I think something laid eggs on me.”
      3. “They don’t allow you to have bees in here” – Lucille
      4. “Brainstorming here. What about hashbrowns?” – GOB
      5. “I want all of you off this diet immediately. Except you.” – Lucille
      6. “I did! I’ve got poison oak. Where did I get that?” Cut to rest stop. – Barry
      7. “It’ll take a lot more than a heart attack to kill that old bear. Old bear! He

really did like the honey! He never got the chance to see my honey business

take off.” – GOB

  1. Matt Walsh is running the lie detector!

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  1. Ratings

  1. Mike:
  2. Bryce: Steve Holt!
  3. Miles: Steve Holt!
  4. GUEST: As Nose as the Ann on Plain’s Face

  1. Story about / Choose your own Adventure: Great escape?
    1. Mike:
    2. Bryce: Locking myself into an army chest
    3. Miles: I used to plan for how I’d run away from home. Taped directions and map behind dresser.
    4. GUEST: The would-be burglars that escaped from me.
  2. On the next “Man, I Love This Show!”: The One Where Michael Leaves
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One thought on “Episode 019 – Arrested Development: Let ‘Em Eat Cake”

  1. Two of my favorite lines are in this episode:

    a) GOB: “But I’m the oldest. The matriarch, if you will.”
    Michael: “Oh, I will.”

    b) GOB’s monologue in the hospital about speaking for the family, and the gradual and unprovoked change in opinion about the matter.
    GOB stands up.
    “I’m in charge now. I speak for this family. I mean … I could if you wanted me to. I’d rather not, obviously. Don’t know what I’d say. Why do I have to be the one? I don’t need this. Why does this have to become my problem? No, I’m out. Forget it. Find somebody else. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of doing everything for this family.”
    Sits back down.

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