Episode 021 – Arrested Development: Season 2

  1. Introduction
  2. Dramatis Personae
    1. Bryce Rausch
    2. Mike Billeter
  3. News and Feedback
    1. New format: Season-based
    2. Season going well, to be released on Netflix in May
  4. Moments
    1. Mike:
      1. Premier
        1. Love that Tobias’s catlike agility leads to him falling off the edge of the bed but never even changes the flow of what he was saying.
        2. Also, Michael claims to be Dr. Blueman, before any of the Blue Man Group stuff is introduced.
        3. Mention of the seal attack on the news
        4. I love that Barry holds “Dr. Hate’s” hand too long like George Senior did with T-Bone in the Pilot
      2. Ep. 2
        1. This is the start of the “Her?” jokes
        2. GOB sort of mutters under his breath that it sounded like his dad was in Portugal, “down the old South America way.”
        3. Hilarious that George Sr. is mistakenly arrested in Mexico for marijuana sales and tries to blame it on Oscar by saying, “It’s my brother-o.” None of them get “brother” in Spanish right.
        4. Director of Tom Jane’s junkie movie is the same director as Dangerous Cousins
        5. I love that GOB has been dating Starla throughout a few episodes but she still introduces him as “Gob” instead of “Jobe.”
      3. Ep. 3
        1. Love that Gene Parmesan’s fake nose is almost not at all different from his real nose
        2. Buster in the trunk escaping from Army: “It’s tired in here.”
        3. Also, Buster has a hand reference with the hand chair
      4. Ep. 4 (I think)
        1. This time the Aztec Tomb DOES work for George Senior when they all search for him in the attic
      5. Sword of Destiny
        1. Joke about the show cutting back from 22 to 18.
        2. Tobias as Michael’s assistant is one of my favorite scenes in the show
        3. GOB coming up to Michael saying he’s looking for something and Michael says, “Looks like you’re looking for dragons…in the future.”
        4. Buster as the magician is hilarious. His dancing, and the “SILENCE, SLAVE!”
        5. I’ve used “How’d-He-Do-Dats” several times in normal life.
      6. Season Finale
        1. “Why can’t the girl at work do it?” Michael – “Who, Tobias?”
        2. “Children, you’re small…crawl under there!” under the house.
    2. Bryce:
      1. Premier


  1. George Michael looking at Lindsey’s nose…and she knows it
    1. Do you remember what we say about the family? It’s not ant Lindsey’s nose
    2. No, forget them….oh, the new one
  2. Love Tobias’ awkward running and crawling off the bed
  3. “Let the great experiment BEGIN!”
  4. Oh, that’s good, wait until I call the guys in here to hear that? How do you intercom on this thing, *2, at the same time? Oh, that’s star
  5. I hate michael moore
  6. Small of Tobias’ back isn’t blue, plus his mid-rift, got blue paint on Michael
    1. But later that day the paint is gone
  7. I’m afraid I just blue myself, there’s gotta be a better way to say that
  8. Calling Arabic “squigly”
  9. Like how season 2 episode 1 ends the same was as episode 1
  10. Buster: Yeah, like anyone would want to “R” her (Rape jokes are funny)


    1. Afternoon Delight
      1. $3000, $4000, $5000 “COME ON”…$6300 suit, $3600
      2. George stayed out of things with him and Michael’s First (and only) marriage. And she died, “see these things have a way of working themselves out”
      3. 2300 pants, “don’t want them getting their sticky fingers on my pants” oh, you think they’re going right for the pants do you? shoulda should should…shhhh
      4. Bleep humor about sexual harassment
      5. Everyone has no pitch in the episode: the bethlehem thing and then afternoon delight
      6. Love the scene when Oscar comes out with 5 brownies balancing on each other and sees lucille is gone and whispers, “where did she go?”
      7. GOB hearing everyone’s laughter, not really realizing they’re laughing AT him while he’s in the banana suit and smiles
      8. “Hey it’s tobias, who wants to take me to the hospital?” said by Tobias
    2. Queen for a Day
      1. “If you weren’t my cousin” love letter, then laying all over letters to hide them when michael came in
      2. Jeff Garlin appearance “wanna grab a drink later” sure, let me invite your wife “ok see you tomorrow”
      3. single, swing, fuck city
      4. Stock unfrozen
      5. During construction of her bathroom the typical “hammer thru the middle of the drywall” gag
      6. Can you believe the only reason the queen mary is going under is because it’s in a terrifying neighborhood??
      7. Funny how “Stand Poor” versus “Sit Well” not being on purpose and that Lucille would name a company after a health condition
      8. During gang dance off, they shoot them
    3. Meat the Veals
      1. Mrs. Featherbottom “Banger in the mouth” “Sausage in the mouth” we just call it a sausage.  Walks to the door jukes to the stairs and runs upstairs to iron the blouse
      2. Why would buster think it’s nice that oscar is kissing his claw??
      3. FRANKLIN! “Franklin just said some things whitey wasn’t ready to hear”
      4. Get your hand outta my ass, hello gob, dad, dad? this is where you’ve been hiding….michael!
      5. “Oh, did you want us to go to the liquor store and buy you some…liquor?”
      6. Mrs. Featherbottom with the umbrella jumping off the ledge, crashing HARD into the table, maybe doesn’t budge, and just moans “ughhhh”
      7. i ain’t kissing that old bithes lips, thats my wife, that’s my wrist, that’s his neck!
    4. The Righteous Brothers
      1. Movie-Dangerous Cousins? And how awkwardly GM talks about it and slams dresser drawer closed. “Complex erotocism”
      2. It ain’t easy being white, it ain’t easy being brown, all this pressure to be bright, i gots childrens all over town…where’d the guy go?
      3. I even have a sponsor, and he’s famous, i can’t tell you who it is…but lets just say he was on nightcourt, i can tell you who he’s not, bull, harry anderson and he’s white “i know who it is”
      4. and also, dad kissed me, how he seemed pretty unconscious, i didn’t say he was totally into it
      5. Washes franklin and he’s white, (british accent) “you’ve ruined the act, GOB”
      6. When no kiss, charlie brown music as gm walks away. previously had a sign saying “this is a tricky gray area” about cousins movie
      7. Funny how spanish music is played when they fight in front of the courtroom just like season1
      8. On the plus side you can take him to lunch at the club now “that’s just the joke franklin would’ve loved”
  1. Miles:


  1. s02e01 The One Where Michael Leaves
  2. s02e02 The One Where They Build a House
    1. Banner: Nothing create the illusion of Success like a Boat
    2. Ann / Egg / Her?
    3. Get rid of the C-word
    4. “I have a man interested, Michael”, “What’s wrong with him?”
    5. GOB charged with scissors but Mike chose rock. Unfortunately, the whole thing was covered by the paper.
    6. I love their constant phone issues.
  3. s02e04 Good Grief
    1. Gary’s gonna think I’m gay.
    2. “We do expose our inner desires, don’t we?” “I think you just did.” “No, I didn’t.”
    3. “I don’t know what I’m saying!”
    4. George Michael collapsing has taken on a life as an animated GIF.
    5. Why was George Michael checking his teeth??
    6. Why would Michael assume that GM was hiding his girlfriend in the addict? That’s so crazy.
    7. “I’m probably not going to say it to him.”
    8. “As Ann as the nose on plain’s face.”
    9. SLUT shirt
    10. Dad’s alive – he’s hiding in the attic. Good twist.
  4. s02e06 Afternoon Delight
    2. “I get u Bluth” painted on Banana Stand
    3. The X thousand dollar suit
    4. “No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no.”
    5. “Should- should- should- should-”
    6. Anne’s singing voice.
    7. Afternoon Delight is more adult-themed.
    8. After Tobias falls asleep, Lindsey whispers so as to not wake him up.
  5. s02e07 Switch Hitter
    1. “Why I want to marry my mother”
    2. Banner: America’s #3 Comedy: Homeless Dad!
    3. “I’m your big brother. I’ll never be impressed with you.”
  6. s02e10 Ready, Aim, Marry Me!
    1. I’m a sucker for a good prat fall.
    2. Tape record yourself all day
    3. More chicken dances!
    4. Buster screaming “Whore!”
  7. s02e12 Hand to God
    1. “I hear there’s gonna be a baby.” And my hand is off to you.
    2. A seal didn’t bite your Linus off, did it?
    3. “Get him out of here!”
    4. Mike getting progressively short sighted.
  8. s02e14 The Immaculate Election
    1. Star Wars video
    2. I dated a chick like that in high school… no I didn’t.
    3. What’s office… magic…
    4. Gary is camera man.
    5. I don’t know why, but that’s it.
    6. Maeby’s campaign posters for Steve Holt say “Volt for Steve Holt”
    7. Buster is so empathetic that he feels bad when the Roomba is “hungry”
    8. “When you put a squirt of frosting down your throat before you take your medication… in the most delicious way.”
    9. “I’m a MONSTER!”
    10. “Now… take you Phun Phun.” “It’s my mom’s, and it’s Phen Phen, and it’s been banned by the FDA.” “You should always the label. You should always read it well. In the most delicious way.”
    11. “I’ve only gotten better.”
  9. s02e15 Sword of Destiny
    2. “Dong tea” might be the worst sounding tea ever.
    3. “It looks like you’re looking for dragons… in the future.” – maybe my favorite line in the whole series.
    4. “I’m sorry, GOB.” “You’ll be sorry!”
    5. Maeby is reading “Working World” magazine.
    6. “I’m going to put you on this machine to slow your heart rate but hopefully not too slow. It’s already dangerously slow as it is.”
    7. “And now a magic trick!” “May I have the trick sword, please!”
    8. I should use the phrase “magic sanctuary” more frequently.
  10. s02e16 Meat the Veals
    1. A “banger in the mouth”
    2. Maeby reading, “Operation: Hot Mother”.
    3. Franklin!
    4. “Franklin said some things whitey wasn’t ready to hear.” But nothing like that in the clip.
    5. What is it about Franklin?
    6. “If you say ‘no’ you’re just going to drive him right to her.”
      “Hey, dad, can you drive me to Ann’s?”
    7. “Oh, did you want us to go down to the liquor store and get you some liquor?” SO much judgement
    8. lewd sexual vows
    9. tobias so excited to br found out
    10. “tight ass country club you freak bitch”
    11. george senior really is a master mind
  11. s02e17 Spring Breakout
    1. real shoddy narrating
    2. buster drunk is awesome. “He just wants to see boys’ linuses.”
    3. Why is tobias in the fireplace all the time?
    4. Didn’t know it was “How’d he do dat?”
    5. GOB coughing up key is disgusting
    6. love the crowd yelling during drink contest
  12. s02e18 The Righteous Brothers
    1. I forgot it wasn’t a real house
    2. GM’s awkward pretend to not have DVD in drawer
    3. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.” when Tobias talks to support group
    4. it ain’t easy being white!
    5. Again, Mike not crying and GOB bawling.
    6. “but franklin didn’t want a kiss at all”
    7. “and guess what? Dad kissed me. I didn’t say he was totally into it.”
    8. “Get that from you, are you sick?” “I won’t share my pop secret.” “Pop secret? Is Oscar my real father?”
    10. “Who, by the way, might not be his biological cousin.”
    11. Andy Samberg!


  1. Favorite episode of the series
    1. Mike: Sword of Destiny
    2. Bryce: Afternoon Delight
    3. Miles: Sword of Destiny
  2. Learn more about this season on Wikipedia.
  3. Ratings


  1. Mike: On the overall season? I give it a Banner Love Season. Almost a “Banner Love Steve Holt!”, but I think having to cut the season from 22 to 18 episodes caused a few problems that, left at 22 episodes, would’ve had made it an all around Steve Holt!
  2. Bryce: Banner love Steve Holt!
  3. Miles: Steve Holt! Favorite episodes in this season.


  1. Choose your own (true?) Adventure: Embarrassing or amazing home video moments.
    1. Mike: My dad was filming me and mocked me in some form or fashion as like a 5 or 6 year old and I ran into the bedroom crying and refused to come out. It was childish.
    2. Bryce: Bryce Rausch Show -Middleschool years  (crotch grabs and delirious laughing)
    3. Miles: Magic ( wait for it ) around the house
  2. To be continued: Arrested Development: Season 3
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