Episode 022 – Arrested Development: Season 4

  1. Introduction

  2. Dramatis Personae

    1. Guest Host: Abby Bischoff

      1. Who the f*ck is Abby Bischoff?

  3. News and Feedback

    1. No real news to reporOHYEAHNOWIREMEMBER BIG NEWS! Season 4 SON!

  4. Season’s Synopsis: After seven years, the award-winning television comedy Arrested Development makes an unprecedented return with 15 new episodes, each following one of the Bluths as they struggle to break free from the family and make it on their own.

  5. Moments

    1. Mike:

      1. MOMENTS

    2. Bryce:

      1. Backdrop in Phoenix

      2. Workaholics Guys

      3. “I don’t want these” (friends, Family)

      4. Maria Bamford and supporting cast

      5. MST3000 Reference

    3. Miles:

      1. Same!

      2. Oscar and George Sr. switch?

      3. Getaway song

      4. Cutting back to a scene to show more that happened

      5. Narrator doesn’t lie, even the moment implies a different truth

      6. GOB and Tony Wonder drinking water

      7. Google blurs

      8. A Nu Start

      9. “Joe with a bee”

      10. Phoenix mural

      11. The bees in the limo

      12. Rocky hurt two nice red hair guys’ feelings

      13. Chicken dance

      14. Dan Harmon, Lennon Parnam, John Krasinski cameo

    4. GUEST:

      1. The Musical

      2. Forget Me Now song

      3. Jewels falling off Buster’s hook

      4. Gentleman Honey Farmer

      5. GOB sputtering after sleeping with Ann

      6. Dan Harmon registering people at the sweat lodge

      7. George Michael writing Dad, then crossing it off when doing roommate vote

      8. BANNER

  6. Favorite overall moment:

    1. Mike:

    2. Bryce: Raccoons in the backyard…BULLS***

    3. Miles: “That way you have it.”

    4. GUEST: Buster dancing in the security office

  7. Most favorite episode:

    1. Mike:

    2. Bryce: Episode 7 – GOB

    3. Miles: Episode 1 – Flight of the Phoenix, or Episode 13 – It Gets Better

    4. GUEST: Episode 14 – Buster

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  10. Choose your own (true?) Adventure: Roommates!

    1. Mike:

    2. Bryce: Schaef and his imaginary virginity stealer

    3. Miles: Adam would constantly lock himself out.

    4. GUEST: British roommate “revealed” himself to a friend on his first night.

  11. To be continued: Sherlock, Season 1

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