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New Arrested Development promotional posters

Mike here with a quick update on some new promotional posters that recently showed up on the Arrested Development Facebook page.

The Tobias and George Michael posters might be my two favorite, but they’re all pretty good for the most part.

Oh, Tobias… you blowhard…

For some reason the George Michael one won’t post, but you can just click the poster above to look through all of them and enjoy. May 26th should be a glorious day.

Stay true, y’all.


There’s Another Rainbow…

Here’s the fantastic version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” I was referring to…

Also, here’s the original from The Wizard of Oz (with subtitles, to ensure there’s no confusion)…

I can’t find a video clip of Tobias’s version, so be sure to watch the episode to see/hear it for yourself. Totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed these sick jams.

-Mike B.