Quotes from Episode 022

I guess when I wonder that every morning, it’s a pretty short conversation with myself.

– Abby “Blast Off” Bischoff

Who gets fired and is like, “You know what? Is it cool if I Vine this?”

– Bryce “A-Nu-Start or Meekus” Rausch

Actually, if you’re listening to this episode, hopefully you have watched, because this is going to be spoiler city. Is that a nickname for Detroit?

– Miles “Look, Listen, Look, Look, Are you Listening?” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 021

I’m not saying that’s what they do. I’m asking, “Do you think they do that?” because it’s probably what they do. But I’m not saying it’s what they do. But they call me and tell me that that’s what they do.

– Mike “Saunterin’ Jericho” Billeter

Then we started implementing this harassment policy which actually was 100% because of me.

– Bryce “Burnin’ Chaps” Rausch

There are a lot of animated GIFs from this show, and- that’s not a good way to rate a show, by the number of animated GIFs it produces, but…

– Miles “Sittin’ Editor” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 020

Yeah, I was kinda scratchy, though kind of amazing at the same time.

– Dan “Not on a Cellphone This Time” Rausch

Now, that’s roughly translated to “more, more strawberries”? Correct?

– Bryce “Burnin’ Chaps” Rausch

Yup. Feels like puttin’ on a pair of old shoes. Right? Is that a saying? Do people say that?

– Miles “Also Kind of Amazing” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 019

Alright! ‘Cause I’m sweet. And sticky…

– Trevor “Honey” Patch

I really didn’t anticipate the look on his face when we said, “So, how much gas leaking is okay?”

– Bryce “BBBEEEAAADDDSSS???” Rausch

If you don’t take a sip, you can’t take a dip!

– Miles “Beads.” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 018

She’s actually really Slovenian. She’s got a little bit of an accent still, and everything. She doesn’t actually drink tea. I don’t know why I said that.

– Andrew “AK 48” Kuhar

I’m calling her out right now. I called out my mom last week, and now I’m calling out my wife: quit ruining my life.

Call in!

-Bryce “Bro-dizzle” Rausch

We get a really over-the-top look at the strong possibility that Oscar is actually Buster’s father, given that they both try to rub each other’s shoulders at the same time, “Human Centipede”-style, and aren’t able to.

– Miles “Human Centipede Style” Rausch

Quotes for Episode 017

Frankly, I’m not a Francophile.

– Stacie “Stays the Quick Wit” Wick

Like, hashtag #amirite?

– Bryce “Burnin’ Chaps” Rausch

It’s the Bluth Company theme park, which has strong Banana-grabber overtones but also some under current of Cornball.

– Miles “Who Knows” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 016

I feel like I need more “blast” in my daily intake.

– Trevor “Nicotine” Patch

Did you just say ‘commie comedy’? I hate that kind of comedy!

– Bryce “Circle Me, Bert!” Rausch

I guess ‘ittle baby Brycey-poo has some friends who came to his rescue and complained on his behalf that we’re just a little too mean.

– Miles “Irish Baker” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 015

Long time listener; first time caller.

– Dan “Dan R” Rausch

I’ll think about it. I’ll make a decision during my walk across the country and let you know.

– Mike “Yeah, Son!” Billeter

“Justified redundancy”. That almost kinda describes GOB in a lot of different ways, doesn’t it?

– Miles “Awful Funeral Stuff” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 014

Fine, I’ll turn it up. AND I hope Dan beats up Mike when he passes through Washington D.C. on his trip.

– Bryce “Present” Billeter

Wow, that was hurtfully aggressive.

– Mike “Also Present” Billeter

It’s getting more aggressive in here than a prison rugby team.

– Miles “Always Present” Rausch

Quotes from Episode 013

I’m laughing a little bit because, for the viewers- and by viewers I obviously mean “listeners”, those viewing with your ears, I accidentally watched the wrong episode this week.

– Mike “Broken Transformer” Billeter

The grilling, you know, went off pretty much without a hitch. Although, my wife did discover the chicken was a little undercooked, so we did put it in the oven after grilling it. But, besides that, it went successfully.

– Miles “Wacky Older Brother” Rausch